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Siemens Reyrolle 7SR54 Transformer Differential Protection Relay

Siemens Reyrolle 7SR54 Transformer Differential Protection Relay
Siemens Reyrolle 7SR54 Transformer Differential Protection Relay
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Product Code : 7SR54
Brand Name : Siemens
Product Description


Siemens Reyrolle 7SR54 relay: 7SR54 Transformer differential protection relay is designed for the electricity networks of the future with enhanced communications and cybersecurity while maintaining a user-friendly interface and easy product management.

The Reyrolle 7SR54 provides protection, control and monitoring for 2 and 3 winding transformers. All transformer vector groups and earthing connections are considered.

The Reyrolle 7SR54 device includes a wide range of protection-functions and IEC 61850 Ethernet communications as standard. To further minimize the product variants the power supply and the binary inputs cover the full operating range with configurable binary input thresholds.

The large LCD, tactile pushbuttons and programmable LEDs' provide a user-friendly product interface and the relay

element is withdrawable for easy replacement.

Inputs and Outputs

8 CT + 16 BI + 8 BO

8 CT + 4 VT + 12 BI + 8 BO

8 CT + 4 VT + 37 BI + 18 BO

12 CT + 24 BI + 10 BO

12 CT + 4 VT + 35 BI + 16 BO


Standard front USB port (for configuration using Reydisp PC based software tool) rear RS485, 2 x RJ45 electrical ports or optional optical ethernet connections.

Housing Size

12 with drawable design.


Backlit 128 x 128 LCD with text and graphical display capabilities suitable for single line mimic diagrams.

Standard Functionality can include

  • 24 Overexcitation protection
  • 27 Undervoltage protection - 3 phase
  • 27Vx Undervoltage protection - Vx
  • 37 Undercurrent protection phase
  • 37G Undercurrent earth fault measured
  • 46 Negative sequence overcurrent protection
  • 46BC Broken conductor detection
  • 47 Sequence overvoltage protection
  • 49 Thermal overload protection
  • 50 Instantaneous overcurrent phase
  • 50BF Circuit-breaker failure protection 3 pole
  • 50G Instantaneous earth fault measured
  • 50N Instantaneous earth fault calculated
  • 51 Time delayed overcurrent phase
  • 51G Time delayed earth fault measured
  • 51N Time delayed earth fault calculated
  • 52 Circuit-breaker control
  • 59 Overvoltage protection 3 phase
  • 59NVD Neutral voltage displacement
  • 59Vx Overvoltage protection Vx
  • 60CTS-I CT supervision current reference
  • 60VTS VT supervision
  • 74CC Close-circuit supervision
  • 74TC Trip-circuit supervision
  • 81 Frequency protection f> or f<
  • 81HB2 Inrush current detection
  • 81HB5 Overfluxing detection 5th harmonic
  • 86 Lockout
  • 87GH Restricted earth fault protection high impedance
  • 87T-BD Transformer differential protection - biased
  • 87T-HS Transformer differential protection - highest

Additional Functionality Requires VT Inputs

  • 21LB Load blinder (7SR5421)
  • 24 Overexcitation protection
  • 27/27Vx Undervoltage protection
  • 47 Sequence overvoltage protection
  • 51V Voltage dependent overcurrent phase (7SR5421)
  • 59/59Vx Overvoltage protection
  • 59N Neutral voltage displacement
  • 60VTS VT supervision
  • 67/67G/67N Directional phase/earth fault (7SR5421)
  • 81 Frequency protection "f>" or "f<"

Monitoring Functions

  • Current:
    - Primary phases and earth
    - Secondary phases and earth
    - Phase sequence (PPS, NPS, ZPS)
  • Voltage
    - Primary
    - Secondary
    - Phase sequence (PPS, NPS, ZPS)
  • Frequency, power and energy
  • Binary input/output and virtual I/O status
  • Fault data, event and waveform records


  • IEC 60870 5 103, MODBUS RTU, DNP 3.0, IEC 61850

The protection, control, monitoring and measuring of our power networks is a vital element in managing our electrical assets, increasing reliability, sustainability and the safety of operating personnel. Our goal is to provide protection devices which provide flexible solutions and easy integration into an energy market which is becoming increasingly decentralized and digitalized. With the new Reyrolle 5 we have listened to the changing needs of our customers. With IEC 61850 Ethernet communications as standard and enhanced cyber security the Reyrolle 5 enables substation digitalization. The user friendly, intuitive design and minimal ordering variants gives confidence to the user and this extends to the Reydisp programming software tools.


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