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SICAM P55 Power meter device

SICAM P55 Power meter device
SICAM P55 Power meter device
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Product Code : SICAM_P55
Product Description

Power meter device SICAM P50/55

SICAM P is a power meter for panel mounting with graphicdis play and background illumination, or for standard rail mounting, used for acquiring and/or displaying measured values in electrical power supply systems.More than 100 values can be measured, including r.m.s. values of voltages(phase-to-phase and/or phase-to ground), currents, active, reactive and apparent power and energy, power factor, phase angle, harmonics of currents and voltages, total harmonic distortion per phase plus frequency and symmetry factor, energy output, as well as external signals and states.


  • Measurement of voltage, current, active & reactive power, frequency, active & reactive energy, power factor, symmetry factor, voltage and current harmonics up to the 21st, total harmonic distortion.
  • Single-phase, three-phase balanced or unbalanced connection, four-wire connection
  • Communications: PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUS RTU¦ASCII or IEC 60870-5-103 communication protocol simple parameterization via front key or RS485 communication port using SICAM P Manager software
  • Graphic display with background illumination with up to 20 programmable screens
  • Real-time clock: Measured values and states will be recorded with time stamps.1 MB memory management: The allocation of the non-volatile measurement memory is programmable.
  • Recording and display of limit value violations and log entries.
  • Battery: Recordings like limit value violations or energy counter values stay safely in the memory up to 3 months in case of a blackout.

Application Areas

Power monitoring systems with SICAM P, a permanently installed system, enables continuous logging of energy-related data and provides information on operational characteristics of electrical systems. SICAM P helps identify sources of energy consumption and time of peak consumption. This knowledge allows to allocate and reduce energy costs.

The major application area is power monitoring and recording at MV and LV level. The major information types are measured values, alarms and status information.

The input modules work with external signals with a measurement range of DC 0  “ 20 m A. Mean values of all external analog channels as well as states of digital channels can be recorded and saved into the memory. All recorded quantities and binary state information can be  read out and evaluated with the configuration software SICAM P Manager. Output modules can be used for conversion of any electrical quantity (current, voltage, etc.)into a DC 0  “ 20 / 4  20 mA output signal, generation of impulses for metering, indication of limit value violations, as well as for switching operations.

Power Quality

Ensuring power quality in a phase of energy transition

Increasing power feed-in from renewable resources poses new challenges for municipalities and distribution system operators.

The stable supply of electric power is any grid  stop priority. To avoid fluctuations in power quality and prevent disturbances,grid monitoring, control, and automation systems need to be adapted and optimized across all voltage levels.

Power Generation

Maintaining control of distributed power producers 

Ensuring grid stability is becoming increasingly complex.

The vast number of small distributed power producers calls for new strategies to ensure consistent power quality. Identifying, locating,and eliminating disturbances and faults as well as the flexible, quick balancing of power production and load consumption require integrated hard wareand software solutions that work smoothly together.


More data, increased transparency

Modern electrical grid components deliver, process, and analyze data.

One consequence of digitalizing power grids is the steadily growing volume of captured data. These vast quantities of data harbor valuable information that describes the state of the grid, enables advanced computational analysis of changes, and can improve the performance and extend the service life of assets. The hardware and software from Siemens needed for this fulfills all the requirements.

CAPEX savings

Efficient grid expansion

A combination of robust technology and digital innovations leads to increased efficiency.

Maintaining or even increasing grid performance is becoming ever more challenging. With growing efforts, expenses grow as well. Innovative technologies and smart data usage can help municipalities and DSOs to master these challenges and to increase their competitiveness.

OPEX savings

Optimizing business operations

Comprehensive and efficient ways for municipalities and DSOs to get the most out of their OPEX.

The growing demand for power from industries and house holds can be fulfilled simply. With modern technologies and innovative solutions suchas optimized voltage and capacity management, self-healing grids, and by avoiding losses of any kind.


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