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Siemens Fluid-Immersed Distribution Transformers

Siemens Fluid-Immersed Distribution Transformers
Siemens Fluid-Immersed Distribution Transformers
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Product Code : FITformer®
Product Description

FITformer Siemens' Fluid-Immersed Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers can be both the last step in the conversion chain that bring electrical energy to the consumer as well as the first transformation step to feed decentrally-generated power into the power grid.    Distribution transformers by Siemens Transformers are designed for superior reliability, efficiency and environmental performance. A modular architecture paired with design options ensure cost efficiency and easy minimal maintenance.

Areas of application

Distribution transformers by Siemens Transformers cover awide range of applications.

Infrastructures – Minimized downtime and maximized energyefficiency

Like large buildings or infrastructures, data centers too rely on distribution transformers to regulate the voltage level of the energythey source and keep regulation losses low. 

Industrial applications – High efficiency and long service life

The winding design of Siemens FIT formers IND ensures reliable absorption of radial, axial, and contraction forces. FIT formers IN Dare suitable for heavy-duty drives, e.g. in steel mills, oil rigs, off shore installations, and conveyance facilities. 

Renewables  Low losses and efficient operation

Flame retardant, short-circuit proof and mechanically strong, FIT former REN withstand even the harshest conditions. They transform the voltage from the generator to the medium-voltage level needed for transmission. Siemens offers special FIT formerfor wind farms and solar Parks.    

Utility s FIT former enhance grid stability by automatically adapting its transformation ratio to correspond to current load. They help utilities better accommodate infeed from renewable resources, while staying within a permitted voltage band. They fit in all normal compact stations.

Standard and large FITformers

Standard FITformers are crucial elements of suburban areas,forming the link between the electrical grid and consumers. Ratings for medium-sizedFITformers® stand between 2,500 kVA and 6,300 kVA. They offer a maximum voltage capacity of 36 kV.

Large distribution transformers come with higher voltagecapacity and power level than medium-sized FITformers®.  The technologydiffers to ensure the transformer will function at maximum capacity. Thevoltage of a large distribution transformer can go up to 72.5kV and its powerrating from 6.3 up to 30MVA.

FITformer® IND for industrial applications


Siemens builds resilient and customizable distribution transformers which not only deliver reliable and superior performance in harshest conditions, but also perfectly fit the needs of customers in industry.Siemens™ FITformers® IND are designed to supply energy for heavy-duty drives for steel mills, oil rigs, offshore installations, and conveyance facilities,and for the complete range of uses for drives in industry.

Static converter facilities with appropriate valves are required for transforming and controlling electric energy for these applications. Static converter transformers provide the link to the supply network. They must endure heavier dynamic and thermal stress due to rapid changes in the load and allow for frequent start-uploads. Siemens’ special winding design achieves a high short-circuit withstand capability making the transformer insusceptible to the stress caused by frequent drive peak loads.Another positive factor is the great heat capacity and high overload capability of this type of transformer.

Siemens has developed a laboratory-tested painting system and corrosion protection (e.g. salt spray tests) for Siemens FITformers® IND used for application or in chemical environment.    

FITformer® REN for wind applications

Wind turbine operators need reliable and safe transformers so that the turbine never fails. With their expertise in transformers since 1892, and about 5,000 units built for wind farms in the last 10 years, Siemens Transformers has been at the front line of wind application transformers technology. An extensive research and development budget and senior engineering experts have contributed to making Siemens Transformers the leading supplier for this application.

Transformers for wind applications convert MV to LV with identical frequency.

Ratings: ≤15MVA and ≤72,5 kV

Benefits of FIT formers® REN

  • High-efficiency  low losses
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Largely maintenance free
  • Low weight, high efficiency and reliability
  • Global availability
  • Customized design




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